Miami, FL, July 01, 2023 — CleanSpark, a front-runner in the sustainable Bitcoin mining space, has announced its participation as an Elite Sponsor at the upcoming Mining Disrupt 2023 Conference, the gathering of the most influential entities and personalities of the blockchain and Bitcoin mining industry. The event is scheduled for July 25, 2023, in Miami, Florida.

Founded with a commitment to environmental responsibility, CleanSpark is a proponent of responsible Bitcoin mining that relies on low-carbon energy sources. The company’s operations are rooted in the belief that Bitcoin is an indispensable tool for financial independence and inclusion and that its mining of it should not compromise our planet.

CleanSpark, widely recognized as “America’s Bitcoin Miner™”, operates with the vision of a world where Bitcoin mining promotes a healthier planet. The company is leveraging its background in energy technology to lead the way in sustainable Bitcoin mining practices.

CleanSpark’s innovative approach to mining hinges on locating operations in regions with robust low-carbon energy portfolios and participating in renewable energy credit programs. The company already operates five Bitcoin mining facilities in Georgia, and it co-locates miners in upstate New York.

In addition to showcasing its initiatives, CleanSpark will share insights on how Bitcoin can be a significant factor in solving modern energy challenges and driving a rapid ROI on energy investments.

About CleanSpark:

CleanSpark is a pioneer in sustainable Bitcoin mining. The company, publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol CLSK, employs low-carbon energy sources to mine Bitcoin responsibly. CleanSpark owns and operates five Bitcoin mining facilities in Georgia and co-locates miners in upstate New York. The company strives to lead the industry’s efforts towards sustainable practices. 

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