Datatel Communications Inc., and Datatel Inc (In Canada) a leader in IVR Payments and Payment Technology for over 20 years today announced a new addition to its IVR Payments suite – CryptoIVRTM Plus.

CryptoIVRTM Plus edition is designed for businesses across multiple industries who want to provide their customers with 24/7 phone payments and reduce their PCI footprint.

CryptoIVRTM Plus offers more than the basic IVR Payment experience, allowing customers to look-up their balance, present them with an amount to pay and for businesses, it gives them the ability to automate payment reconciliation and post to customers’ accounts through an included data connector.

With  CryptoIVRTM Plus employees will no longer need to handle a customer’s sensitive credit card information, (an important PCI requirement)  on the other hand customers will now have access to an easy and secure way to make payments 24/7 over the telephone. In addition to helping companies achieve PCI compliance, CryptoIVRTM Plus seamlessly plugs into businesses’ merchant accounts, meaning it can be up and running in no time.

CryptoIVRTM Plus comes equipped with AR Sync, an easy way for businesses to exchange customer account data over SFTP, a protocol which is supported by the majority of accounting and billing systems.

In addition to providing their customers with a more convenient and secure method of paying their bills, the adoption of an automated pay by phone strategy enables businesses to realize improved efficiencies as well as significant cost benefits resulting from the automation of processes that traditionally have been performed manually.

CryptoIVRTM Plus comes in two versions:

1. Customer Self-Service which enable callers access to the payment process 24/7 without having to speak to a staff member


2. Agent Assist designed specifically for environments where an agent may be required to be involved in customer interactions. Both versions are designed to strengthen security and improve both the customer experience as well as enhance efficiency.

CryptoIVRTM Plus includes the following capabilities and features:

  • Process payments 24/7. Workdays, Evenings and Weekends!
  • A customer Self-Service and Agent Assisted option
  • Secure PCI DSS compliant
  • Customers can securely pay by phone via a fully automated self-service
  • Account Look-up and Payment posting automation with included data connector
  • Eliminate the need for staff to handle payment calls and customer credit card information
  • CryptoIVR™ IVR Payment encryption technology ensures maximum security
  • Handles multiple callers at the same time
  • Connects seamlessly to the businesses’ exiting merchant account
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Budget-Priced Month-To-Month service with NO long-term commitments

CryptoIVRTM Plus IVR Payments supports over 16 payment gateways and processors including: Authorize.Net, Cybersource, CardConnect, TrustCommerce, OpenEdge (Global Payments), Global Payments, Moneris, Payrock (Caledon), MNI, Instamed, among others.

“We are committed to continuing to build out our IVR Payment suite toimprove our client’s ability to accept payments from their customer over the telephone in a PCI compliant way, while delivering the efficiencies realized from payment automation,”  said Barnard Crespi, Datatel’s Co-CEO.

More Information

  • Learn more about Datatel’s CryptoIVR™ IVR Payments click here 

About Datatel Communications Inc

We launched Datatel twenty-seven years ago, with the vision of creating innovative, and secure payment solutions to help our clients become more agile, profitable, secure, and successful.

Datatel’s IVR Payments, Payment Technology, and transaction automation solutions are employed globally by thousands of businesses, healthcare providers, academic institutions, government, software companies, and service providers.

Our success comes from investing in our people, our customers, our partners, and technology. With a focus on innovation, we have arrived at a service delivery model that guarantees our customers’ satisfaction.

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