If you’ve watched the movie “Free Guy” – or if you’re an avid gamer – the concept of “interoperability” may be familiar to you. Interoperability, by definition, is the ability of software to exchange and make use of information. That’s exactly what you saw Ryan Reynolds accomplish in one particular scene of the movie – summoning Captain America’s shield, a lightsaber, and the Portal gun – all in quick succession. Sure, it certainly makes for a fantastic scene in a Hollywood movie about games, but for many actual players and game developers, asset interoperability in video games has been but a pipe-dream.

ReneVerse is changing that. ReneVerse is behind the development of a new software ecosystem that combines traditional video games with futuristic asset interoperability and extensive blockchain functionality. At the core of this ecosystem is the company’s interoperability engine, which is designed to allow game developers to create in-game assets like characters, weapons, and usable items that can be transferred between separate games via the blockchain. Unlike other blockchain gaming projects, ReneVerse serves as an infrastructure and intermediary between players, game developers, and other third-parties like brands that wish to unlock the benefits of blockchain and web3. 

“Our mission is to bring gaming asset interoperability to users regardless of their familiarity with blockchain or their level of experience in gaming,” says Anik Dang, Founder and CEO of ReneVerse. “With our technology stack, we believe that all our users and stakeholders can enjoy the increased autonomy and digital ownership that come with our borderless assets, in a way that is easy to understand and deeply personal.” 

Recently, the company released its first set of tools, including a free-to-use Unity SDK, an intuitive asset management portal, and a ubiquitous sign-in feature that links users to multiple next-generation Web3 games with just a single email account known as Game Connect. These tools serve as a preliminary step toward this paradigm of gaming asset interoperability, which they have dubbed “borderless gaming.” The SDK allows game developers to add a handful of ReneVerse functionality to their projects, including creating assets on the blockchain, customizing their attributes, and transferring them between players. 

“We are proud to announce the first iteration of the ReneVerse platform and plan to incorporate more functionality in the coming months,” says Dang. “Our suite of upcoming features are meant for gamers, developers, and brands alike.”

ReneVerse’s roadmap for the coming quarters includes the addition of asset transfers between separate games as well as the addition of non-intrusive advertising spaces that exist within participating developers’ games. Brands native to web2 or web3 will be able to leverage these ad slots to access the player audience without detracting from their playing experience, all while communicating a highly contextualized ad campaign. Along with this, ReneVerse plans to release a collection of games to showcase these features among others that gamers and developers can enjoy in the ReneVerse. 

The team behind ReneVerse is a cosmopolitan roster of members hailing from Asia, Europe, and the Americas with a combined 15+ years of experience in scalable app development across Web2 and Web3, as well as 10+ years within the gaming industry. CEO Anik Dang is also one of the first entrepreneurs from Vietnam to found a blockchain gaming startup, back in 2015. His track record with blockchain entrepreneurial endeavors makes him quite the trailblazer and a reliable leader for ReneVerse.

“As a team of gamers and builders, we’re passionate about revolutionizing the gaming industry, says Dang. “We’re striving to pave a path that makes the value of web3 technology plainly clear and accessible to traditional web2 users and gamers, in particular. We believe our technology will ease the friction associated with that transition and will empower people to control the way they play games. We’re so excited to see what the creativity of our users will unveil.” 

To learn more about ReneVerse and sign up for the developer’s SDK, visit https://reneverse.io/.

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