Zug,Switzerland — Streamr, a decentralized network for real-time data, recently launched the beta version ofthechat.app, a new decentralized and serverless group and private chat instant messagingapplication. It offers a unique Web3 communication architecture. Chat rooms are actuallystreamsontheStreamrNetworkwitheachconnectedparticipantformingpartofapeer-to-peermesh network for messages to flow through, without a centralised instance in between. This isunlikeotherchatappsthatrelyonacentralserver.


“The Streamr Network offers an ideal opportunity to build decentralized communication andsocialmediaapplications.FortheWeb3communitytomigratefromusingWeb2messagingplatforms, they need a protocol that’s fast and serverless. We hope thechat.app provides atangible inspiration for builders to explore the possibilities of truly permissionless real-timecommunicationswithStreamr.”

Chat rooms come in three types—public, private and token gated. Token gated rooms allowusers to configure an access control policy to check users hold a chosen token, or a certainamountoftokensintheirwallet,beforegrantingthemaccess.Privateroomsrestrictaccesstochosen users. Public rooms are viewable by anyone. Messages in all room types are securedby end to end encryption and allow users to communicate without any intermediaries. Over6,000registeredbetatestersarecurrentlyexploringthesevarioustypesofchats.

The Beta version of thechat.app is built to work best as a desktop browser application withusers connecting via their wallets, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or WalletConnect.Creating rooms and invites are on-chain transactions, while messages in chats arecryptographically signed and delivered over the Streamr Network. To avoid a UX pain point ofindividuallysigningactions,“hotwallets”aregeneratedandlinkedtotheuser’smainwalletwithon-chain mapping between the hot wallet and the main wallet. This allows for automatic signingandprovidesabarrieragainstthemainwalletbeingcompromised.


  • Decentralizedandserverlessgroupchatinstantmessaging
  • Verifiableandtamperproofcommunication
  • Delegated‘hotwallet’messagesigning
  • ENSidentities&avatars
  • OfflinekeyexchangeviatheLitprotocol
  • ERC20&NFT721tokengatedrooms(experimentalfeature)
  • Stakegatedchatrooms(experimentalfeature)Trythechat.appbetatoday!


Streamr is building the real-time data protocol of the decentralized web. This includes ascalable, low-latency and secure P2P Network for data delivery and exchange. As part of thevision, Streamr is working on a decentralized chat application, data marketplace, and otherdApps. The project was started by real-time data veterans with backgrounds in algorithmictradingandfinancemarkets.Streamrisbeingbuiltbycontributorsfromaroundtheworldandwas crowdfunded via ICO with $30M in October 2017. To learn more, visitstreamr.network.


Contact person: MarkLittle, ChiefMarketingOfficerofStreamr

Email: media@streamr.network

Website: https://streamr.network/