Razer, a leading gaming tech company, has announced the launch of a venture fund dedicated to investing in blockchain gaming startups. The fund, named Web3 Ventures, will focus on projects in the gaming industry, such as virtual worlds and esports, that are built on Web3 technology.

Razer is well-known for its hardware and accessories, such as gaming laptops, keyboards, and even virtual reality headsets. The company also has a strong presence in the gaming industry, sponsoring esports teams and developing its own gaming software. With the launch of Web3 Ventures, Razer is now looking to invest in the rapidly growing blockchain gaming sector.

The Web3 Ventures fund will focus on projects that are built on Web3 technology, which is the underlying technology that powers decentralized applications (dApps). With Web3, developers can build apps that are immutable and secure, and users can interact directly with the blockchain without needing a third-party intermediary. This makes Web3 a perfect fit for gaming, as it allows for fast, secure, and transparent gaming experiences.

The fund will be managed and led by Razer’s internal team of venture capitalists and blockchain experts. They will be responsible for identifying and investing in promising blockchain gaming startups. The team will be looking for startups that can bring innovative ideas to the gaming industry and create experiences that are more immersive and engaging.

Razer’s CEO and founder, Tan Min-Liang, said that the company is excited to invest in the space and help bring more innovation to the gaming industry. “We want to help gaming startups leverage the power of Web3 technology to create new, exciting, and immersive gaming experiences,” Tan said.

Razer isn’t the only tech giant investing in blockchain gaming startups. Microsoft recently invested in Enjin, a blockchain gaming platform, and Google launched its own blockchain gaming platform, called Google Stadia.

With the launch of Web3 Ventures, Razer is looking to capitalize on the growing blockchain gaming sector. By investing in startups that are building on Web3 technology, Razer is hoping to create new experiences that will revolutionize the gaming industry.