May 25, 2023 – Symbiosis, a cross-chain liquidity protocol, announced the addition of Arbitrum Nova to its platform. This integration will allow users to swap assets across 12+ chains. 

Arbitrum Nova is a new chain that is designed to be more cost-effective and faster than Arbitrum One. It is based on AnyTrust, which is a different security model than rollups. AnyTrust requires a small amount of trust from users, but it allows for lower costs and faster withdrawals. Nova is designed for gaming, social apps, and other cost-sensitive use cases. Arbitrum One will continue to be the home for DeFi and many NFT projects.

Symbiosis has connected with ArbSwap DEX to enable any-to-any token swaps on Arbitrum NOVA. Remember that ArbSwap recently announced airdrop tokens to its users. 

About Symbiosis 

Symbiosis is the perfect solution for DeFi enthusiasts who want to swap any token with ease and transfer their assets across different blockchains. With just one click, any-to-any cross-chain operations are executed, providing competitive exchange rates and minimal transaction costs.

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