In 2021, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, exploded into popular culture. What was once a niche Internet interest entered the mainstream in a big way as popular artists began making millions of dollars from their digital creations.
Until now, NFTs have been used mainly for static art: just digital images with proven provenance, but only good for buying, selling, or looking at. Some of this artwork is high quality work, some is made only for novelty to exploit demand in a new market.
TCG World are launching the next generation of NFTs where your digital assets are not only collectible pieces of art, but a part of a vast, shared, virtual environment. Welcome to the metaverse where everything you own is an NFT.  Your avatar, the face you show the world, will be an NFT. Just like you, it will be unique and only you have the right to use it.
Maybe you’ll own a car to travel around the metaverse in style. That’s an NFT, too. This isn’t just an NFT that you store in your wallet and hope to sell later, this is an NFT that you can jump in and drive around, exploring a world filled with thousands of other players all making a life in the metaverse.
TCG World is more than an NFT game, it’s an NFT experience. In the real world, you have to go out of your way to show off your collectible NFTs. In TCG World, your NFTs are the way you move around, experience, and share your experience with all your friends.
If you buy a piece of real estate in TCG World, big or small, it will be titled and deeded to you, permanently, on the blockchain.  The pioneers who invest in TCG can build a dream home, a palace, or an interactive experience for other players to explore and enjoy.  Whatever you build will be an NFT, and you can fill your virtual home with even more.
You won’t just be showing off your wealth, you are also showing off your skill and achievements.  Throughout TCG World, you will find hidden quests, challenges, and mini-games all of which give you a chance to earn more NFTs and add to your collection.  You can find rare NFT pets, earn NFT trophies in contests and hidden quests, and discover NFT treasures and artifacts which tell a visionary story about a futuristic world where imagination and reality collide.
For artists, TCG World provides an opportunity to create and bring NFTs into three dimensions and find a whole new market of people who want to work, play, socialize, and shop in a virtual environment. Low gas fees and easy-to-use tools from TCG World mean that the metaverse is the new frontier for artists who want to mint for the next generation. Rather than just uploading your designs to a marketplace, now artists can create a whole themed art gallery in the metaverse. These galleries don’t have to be white walls with flat art, they can be anything you can imagine; a theme park filled with stories and ideas and images.
Art and creativity are the currencies of the future, and TCG World represents one the first steps into that new era.