Location, February 14, 2024 — VaseLabs, at the forefront of blockchain innovation, is currently in the active phase of its pre-sale, showcasing a pivotal development in its expansive Web3 ecosystem. This ongoing phase represents a significant stride in the company’s mission to integrate DeFi, AI, and NFTs, addressing key challenges within the blockchain industry.

The pre-sale phase, marked by keen investor interest, is underscored by a distinctive referral program. This program allows participants to earn a 5% commission for each successful referral, directly credited to their wallets. The initiative is designed to enhance community engagement and encourage collaborative growth within the VaseLabs network.

To participate in the pre-sale, individuals are required to follow a simple process: Investors keen on joining this pre-sale can do so effortlessly by following a simple process. 

First, investors should paste the pre-sale link (https://vaselabs.io/presale) in their wallet apps, ensuring they switch to the BNB network. Once on the page, the process involves a few straightforward steps:

  • Click on “Switch Network” to ensure compatibility with the pre-sale.
  • Select “Connect Wallet” and choose your preferred wallet service.
  • Enter the desired USDT amount for investment. The equivalent value in $VSE will be displayed.
  • Click on “Reload” to refresh the transaction.
  • A notification of ‘Transaction successful’ will confirm a successful purchase.
  • Reload the page to view the updated $VSE balance in your wallet.

Note: In case you see this pop up in the process of buying $VSE. Click reload & continue. This happens sometimes as a result of the transaction volume on the BSC network or your bad signal from network providers.

The pre-sale is currently in its first pricing phase, offering $VSE tokens at $0.0834 each. The next phase will see an increase to $0.087 per token. A total of 9,000,000 $VSE tokens are allocated for the pre-sale, with an initial release of 40% at the Token Generation Event (TGE). This structure is designed to ensure a balanced distribution and long-term value for investors.

Addressing vital issues in the blockchain sector, VaseLabs focuses on enhancing grassroots-level crypto adoption, improving scalability, ensuring interoperability between DeFi and NFTs, bolstering smart contract security, and rectifying the undervaluation of NFTs. These initiatives position VaseLabs as a key player in evolving the efficiency, security, and accessibility of blockchain technology.

The Vase Token (VSE) plays a multifaceted role within the Vaselabs ecosystem. Beyond its function as a digital currency, it is pivotal in facilitating payments, valuing NFTs, supporting staking, aiding SMEs, and granting governance rights to its holders. This diverse utility makes $VSE a fundamental element of the ecosystem, offering holders a voice in significant decisions and access to unique raffle systems.

Vaselabs boasts a diverse range of products tailored to user needs, including the Vase Token ($VSE), DNS Protocol, Midle, Vase Raffle, Bolster, O-Market, and VeStake. These products reflect the company’s dedication to intuitive, reliable, and user-centric solutions in the blockchain space.

Following the ICO’s private sale, which laid the groundwork for the Vase Token’s market potential, the ongoing pre-sale is attracting a broader investor base. The ICO, which priced the token at $0.055600 and constituted 10% of the total supply, demonstrated the burgeoning demand for $VSE. The ongoing pre-sale builds on this foundation, further expanding the community and investor base of the Vaselabs ecosystem.

About VaseLabs

As a leader in the blockchain sector, VaseLabs is committed to developing solutions that integrate DeFi, AI, and NFTs to address prevailing challenges in the industry. The company’s mission is to cultivate an inclusive Web3 ecosystem that brings forth innovative, synergistic solutions to overcome current industry hurdles and foster a thriving digital economy. With a focus on collaboration and widespread blockchain adoption, particularly through SME support, VaseLabs is recognized for its commitment to trust, reliability, and cutting-edge solutions in the blockchain space.

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