AUTOS, a blockchain-based platform that facilitates transactions between freelancers and employers, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with global platform GPT Plus to popularize blockchain.

AUTOS is a blockchain-based platform that facilitates matching between freelancers and employers, providing an efficient and reliable transaction environment. The platform brings fairness to the labor market by introducing a system that accurately evaluates freelancers and their skills and efforts and rewards them appropriately.

GPT Plus provides efficient services by providing artificial intelligence AI to people and is expanding into the metaverse.

GPT Plus has partnered with a number of blockchain companies, including REI Network, which is listed on Binance, to introduce the broader blockchain ecosystem to the public.

Through this partnership, the two companies will work together to popularize blockchain and expand the ecosystem.

“Through this partnership, GPT Plus’ powerful artificial intelligence AI technology infrastructure and GPT Plus’ metaverse will solidify the technical infrastructure of AUTOS and provide greater accessibility to the public,” said the AUTOS team. He said

Starting with this partnership, the AUTOS team plans to partner with more blockchain companies to secure technology and build a global network.