Miami, FL – June 27, 2023 — The organizers of Mining Disrupt 2023, the annual conference dedicated to all aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining, have announced KuCoin Pool as an Elite Sponsor of this year’s event. The event is taking place from July 25 to 27.

KuCoin Pool is an advanced mining pool, built on public chains such as BTC, LTC, and others. With its strong technical R&D capabilities, it guarantees precise hashrate data and high mining earnings. Furthermore, KuCoin Pool is committed to becoming the largest PoW mining pool in the world and contributing to the security of a myriad of public chains. The Pool provides an all-in-one service platform for miners across the globe to scale computing power and enhance asset value.

The pool’s noteworthy features include Merged Mining and Smart Pool, which ensure maximum mining earnings. KuCoin Pool’s powerful mining setup offers accurate hashrate data. Also, the platform’s robust security system guarantees users’ assets and privacy, providing peace of mind for its clients.

KuCoin Pool currently supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) mining, with plans to add support for more cryptocurrencies in the future. The goal of KuCoin Pool is not only to provide top-quality mining services but also to bridge the mining industry with other sectors. This connection allows miners access to a diverse range of products, increasing their investment and earning prospects.

To join KuCoin Pool, users must register an account with KuCoin Exchange. Existing KuCoin account holders can sign into KuCoin Pool using their current credentials. After setting up a mining account and completing the miner configuration in General Settings, users are good to go.

For BTC mining, KuCoin Pool uses an FPPS-based settlement mode, while for LTC mining, the PPS-based settlement mode is used. Mining earnings are paid out daily between 02:00 and 14:00 (UTC), and users can view their earning history on the KuCoin Pool Earnings page.

While KuCoin Pool’s rejection rate usually stays within 2%, higher rates may occur due to network problems, high mining machine temperatures, or firmware issues. Should users experience a high rejection rate, they can reach out to the KuCoin Pool service representative for assistance.

Attendees at Mining Disrupt 2023 can look forward to learning more about KuCoin Pool’s innovative offerings and benefits for the global mining community.

About KuCoin Pool

KuCoin Pool is a high-performance mining pool for Proof of Work (PoW) assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). It provides global miners with high returns, low fees, and secure, robust services. It aims to integrate the mining industry with other sectors, providing miners with access to diverse products and increased investment and earning prospects.

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