RuufPay Enhances Self-Custody Wallet by Allowing Easy Linking of Coinbase Accounts

New York – March 30, 2023 – RuufPay, a prominent decentralized finance platform, has recently introduced a new feature in its self-custody wallet that enables users to effortlessly link their Coinbase accounts. This latest development allows users to conveniently store, swap, send, and receive a wide range of tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, while leveraging the secure payment system provided by Coinbase.

The incorporation of Coinbase accounts into the RuufPay platform marks a significant advancement towards creating a more streamlined and accessible decentralized finance ecosystem. By linking their Coinbase accounts, users are now able to access a vast array of tokens, including popular options such as Ethereum, USDC, USDT, Matic, and numerous others, without having to leave the RuufPay wallet.

RuufPay is committed to delivering a secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich decentralized finance experience to its users. The addition of Coinbase account linking further enhances accessibility for a broader audience, providing a seamless interface for new users while offering a robust set of features for experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Isaac Ivgi, CEO of RuufPay, expressed his excitement about the integration, stating, “We are thrilled to announce that our users can now link their Coinbase accounts to RuufPay. This integration represents a major milestone in our mission to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone. Users will no longer have to undergo another burdensome Know Your Customer process when purchasing tokens, as they can utilize the one they completed with Coinbase, potentially years ago when they first entered the crypto industry. Additionally, users won’t encounter any gas fees while withdrawing their tokens from the exchange, as they can leverage the immediate bridging we’ve implemented within our platform.”

Eytan Grossman, COO of RuufPay, added, “This is a significant milestone for us. We have many exciting features and functionalities in the pipeline, including additional network support, expanded payment rails, and even cryptocurrency rent payments.”

To link their Coinbase accounts, users can easily connect their Coinbase wallets to the RuufPay wallet by following a few simple steps in the “buy” section. Once successfully linked, users can take advantage of the various benefits offered by the RuufPay platform, including a seamless user interface, quick and secure transactions, and access to a wide selection of tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

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